Maintain Your Market Knowledge

Grow Your Business With A Great Marketing Campaign.


Operate your business wherever you are in just one simple place - it's that easy.

SMS Marketing

You can achieve better people and communication skills in just a matter of seconds with your SMS marketing campaign.

Drive Engagement

Be your own boss! Push your engagement and get results for your business.

Reach your customers everywhere with cross-channeling marketing.

Our Cross-Channeling Offers

SMS Marketing

This method of marketing is ideal for last minute advertising and can be a good way to reach your customers very quickly. You can merge your SMS and email marketing to ensure that all you clients are update to date with what happen in your business.
Email Marketing

With email marketing, you can personalize your emails. Filter your custumers by there location, status and much more. Helplink Africa has unique email templates for you to create awesome advertising campaigns.
Make your clients experience great services with tailoring each of them!

Shape Your Clients' Business Needs To Grow.

You have the ability to design campaigns however you want, to match the necessities specific sections of your customer base needs to grow. Filter clients according to their locations and status. Add your flavorful, personalized feel to your emails. You create your email templates to best suit the client, where you can include the customer's name and upgrade click-through charges right away - it's really cool and helpful.
Maintain good customer experience with thoughtful automated campaigns.

Kick Back & Relax While Automated Campaigns Do The Rest For You!

Don't have the time to do your marketing? Just turn on your Automated Campaigns and just let us, Helplink Africa, take care of your marketing for you.

You can just book and forward automated campaigns to your customers who meet the business standards of your business. Your clients will feel apricated and valued with a ``welcome`` message for first-time subscribers, ``It's been a long time`` message for users who haven't been active in a while and a ``Happy Birthday!`` email to celebrate the subscriber's birthday